Need something which is going to make you smile each time you come home? The immediate charm of window boxes brimming with flowers does the key. I have long been a fan of planter box, and I 1st used them to include a lot more appeal to my older brick house years back. They add style and color, and they could turn an usually dull home facade into a genuine head-turner. Talk about curb appeal!

An additional advantage to window boxes is the fact that you will also get to enjoy the blossoms from inside the home of yours. You cannot replace the view outside the window of yours, so why don’t you underline it with a perky array of brilliant blooms. In the summertime, when I wake up, the eyes of mine are attracted to the flowers directly outside the window, & I am just pleased being in existence. 1 day, I was sitting in the office at home of mine on a mind numbing teleconference when I looked away to find just a little hummingbird dancing around the blossoms of mine. Right now that is what it is all about!

There is no method to do this half assed, however. Don’t forget, it is safer to not have any window boxes at all than to allow them to try sitting empty, or perhaps even worse, filled with old blossoms. And, fake plants in the window boxes of yours? Make sure you, dear god, no!

Tips for Window Box Success one. Materials – Window box planters could be produced of wood, plastic, or maybe several other substances. Some are metal baskets with liners made out of coconut fibers. Consider the design of your home’s exterior into account when selecting the perfect look. The personal favorites of mine are timeless, architectural boxes made out of a matte finished PVC material from They won’t ever rot, look as wood, are paintable, plus set up on the home of yours forever. They’re slightly more costly than various other options, but they are going to last indefinitely and look good.